Who We Are

Despite the fact that TINTORY is a young brand, our team is truly experienced and presented by professionals only. Facing all the pitfalls of nowadays reality we are trying our best to make the customers experience faster and easier. Our team of young designers has invested all their talent and skills in creating high-quality natural bedding sets made of linen fabric that was unfairly forgotten with time.




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What We Do

We also create a realistic photo catalogue that in our opinion fully reflects all the charm of bedding sets made of natural linen in the interior together with admirable qualities of use. The trend of conscious consumption is one of the key for the modern lifestyle: it is important for a person to know what exactly he or she uses, why and how it will affect the environment and health.

We believe that a set of bed linen is an important attribute of the interior. The style of the bedroom largely depends on the bed linen that should complement the environment, match the mood and the character. Our unique product is made of natural high-quality fiber, which is pleasant to the touch and has numerous advantages.

TINTORY is about respect to the planet

TINTORY is about quality and comfort

TINTORY is about care of your body and soul

• highly hygroscopic (absorbs moisture well and at the same time quickly gives it away and dries)

• hypoallergenic (has bactericidal properties, does not cause allergies and serves as an antiseptic)

• do not form static

• electricityresistant to destruction in the light and withstand washes (during the washing process, the fabric does not turn yellow and does not age, but only becomes whiter and more pleasant to skin)

• perfectly cools in the heat and warms when colddue to its texture, it has a massage effectnot threatened by mold with proper storage

All fabrics are certified in accordance with the EUROPEAN linen STANDARD, the OEKO-TEX 100 standard.

Our high-quality luxury home textile has no equal in quality and originality of design. We have worked with love so that you fall asleep and wake up every day in a good mood! We also appreciate the open dialogue with our customers and look forward to any kind of feedback.