Linen is magic that can be felt through touch. Since ancient times, it has been and remains the main crop for the manufacture of natural fabrics. This is an environmentally safe, body-friendly material that provides the most comfortable rest. Natural linen bedding set surpasses cotton and viscose analogues in many respects, not to mention synthetics, so it can rightfully be considered one of the best options for the bedroom. Bed linen is also considered one of the healthiest for our skin and body. The use of natural fabric promotes healthy sleep and joyful awakening. The secret of this amazing effect lies in the composition of flax fibers.

      What distinguishes natural linen pillowcase?

      First of all, linen bedding allows the skin to breathe. Then, a linen pillowcase is the best way out for people who suffer from allergies. This material does not contain allergens, but also does not cause irritation and has antistatic characteristics. What does it mean? It does not attract dust, which also harms allergy sufferers. Bacteria will not grow on linen bedding. The bacteriostatic effect of linen has been known for a very long time but unreasonably forgotten. Due to the fact that linen is extremely delicate, even people with the most sensitive skin can sleep comfortably in such bed.

      Linen Pillowcase Benefits

      Linen fabric warms in cold weather, and in summer reduces body temperature. We soften our products using a special stonewash technology, after which the fabric becomes airy and very pleasant to the touch. It has a slight crumpled effect, does not shrink and does not lose color after washing. It is hygroscopic and eco-friendly with antibacterial characteristics. The use of linen bedding corresponds to a careful attitude to nature — it can be burned or left to rot.

      A smooth and soft pillowcase is ideal for combining with bedding sets such as duvet covers or fitted sheets sewn from high-quality linen textile that perfectly withstands long and frequent washing. Subsequently, if necessary, you can easily select a full set of bed linen of the same color from Tintory.