Children need to move all the time. They can’t even sleep in one posture, they are always in motion. And what if we let you know that your child can play, exercise and educate at the same time? We propose wooden pikler triangles to your attention. Very simple from the first sight but extremely useful. Getting to know something new and learning during the game helps to build necessary background and find the potential. Early discoveries teach a kid to cope with risky situations and find way outs. At the very beginning children don’t have any experience and this is where the parents give a hand. Of course, parents should keep an eye on the playing kids. Risky games are not 100% safe but with parents it may turn into learning how to coordinate your body and avoid injuries. Freedom of movements and comfortable space is the key to the development of a healthy and independent personality. Choose games that stimulates natural curiosity and brain work.

      Wooden complex for children, which include a wooden sliding ramp, is a real playground at your home. The basis is the Pikler triangle for kids, it turns out a kind of Swedish wall, only for children. The Pikler triangle is also known as the first simulator in the life of a baby. This is a children's ladder inclined, two-sided, with crossbars, for the physical development of children from 6-8 months. And the benefits of such activities will be obvious almost immediately. Physical activity from an early age is a great habit. A sports complex with a sliding ramp easily turns into a play complex. Kids likes to climb up the stairs or on the strongest slide to the top, which perfectly trains the growing muscles, and then to roll down with fun on a soft fluffy mat where parents are waiting for their baby. Such a sports complex made of wood helps kids to adapt faster, learn lessons and get acquainted with the capabilities of the body, become purposeful.