Tintory fitted sheets are linen bed sheets with an all-round elastic ribbon, which ensures the greatest possible flexibility when pulling the sheet on the bed. Sewn-in elastic bands give the sheet a secure hold at all times. Fitted sheets can be a wonderfu match to other bed linen products such as pillowcases or duvet covers to create a cozy look in the bedroom. There is a wide range of fitted sheet colors available, which you can combine with depending on your individual taste and mood. Just make a choice and design your bedroom according to your wishes and ensure optimal sleeping comfort.

      What distinguishes natural linen fitted sheets?

      Tintory bed sheets made of 100% natural linen perfectly round off your sleep with their perfect fit. Fitted sheets ensure a comfortable and quality rest with your bedding set on its place all night long. Our online shop offers a large selection of high-quality fitted sheets made of eco-friendly materials without the addition of harmful substances.

      A clean and fresh sleeping environment is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Fitted sheets ensure hygienic sleeping conditions. Natural bed linen helps to wick sweat away from the skin. What is more, it naturally repels dust and dirt and thus ensures a long-lasting freshness of your bedding set.

      Linen Fitted Sheets Benefits

      The fitted sheet is made of stonewashed linen, which is soft and cuddly and above all makes summer nights more cooling. Special elastic bands ensure a firm hold on the mattress.

      Tintory linen collection is presented by several products which make a perfect bedding mix. The characteristic structure of the linen fibers give a relaxed and natural look. Sewn-in elastic bands on the fitted sheet allow you to cover mattresses of different heights and give the sheet a secure hold and wrinkle-free look.