Tintory collection combines warm colors to create stylish bedding for all seasons. The structure of the linen fibers give the room a relaxed and natural look. Both duvet cover and pillowcase make a perfect match even if you decide to choose different shades. Duvet covers made of linen are smooth and fresh in any weather, and snuggling under a linen duvet cover feels like being in a warm cocoon.

      What distinguishes natural linen duvet covers?

      Let’s start with the fact that Tintory offers duvet covers made of particularly high-quality and what is more important 100% natural linen. The ecological material is traditionally used as bed linen and is today one of the best alternatives to cotton. Due to its cooling ability, it is especially recommended in summer and autumn to ensure excellent sleep quality.

      Being one of the most comfortable and skin-friendly materials, linen fabric is also ideal for sensitive and gentle skin. This material does not contain allergens, and also does not cause irritation and has antistatic characteristics what makes it ideal for those who is suffering from allergies.

      Tintory shows deep respect to nature and produces textile products only with the use of eco-friendly materials.

      Linen Duvet Covers Benefits

      Comfort is the main requirement when it comes to duvet covers and bedding sets, and linen is the perfect match and the best solution even for the most demanding customers. Linen bedding allows the free movement of air and moisture in your bedding. We can’t stop reminding that linen has an antibacterial effect that makes the fabric mold, moth and fungus resistant and ideal for bedding sets.

      Tintory duvet covers can be easily combined with other textiles such as fitted sheets sewn from high-quality linen textile or a full set of bed linen of the same color from our collection. Discover our wide range of duvet covers in many colors and sizes and start your own journey in the world of healthy sleep.