A linen blanket creates a special microclimate during sleep. The product feels light, soft and airy, but not very lush. You can even feel the aroma of fresh herbs. Despite the small thickness, the product is warm enough, it warms well and keeps the optimum temperature.

      What is a linen blanket?

      The raw material is obtained from the stem of flax, a valuable crop. After harvesting, the plant is processed: soaked, dried, kneaded, ruffled and combed. As a result, thin fibers are obtained. The production process is quite time-consuming and costly.

      Flax can be grayish in color from light to dark shade. The material resembles cotton, but it is 3-5 times stronger and not as elastic. Linen fiber is shiny, flexible and soft. For the manufacturing of blankets, linen is pressed by the needle-punched method. The material is completely eco-friendly and safe, since a minimum amount of pesticides is required to grow an unpretentious crop. Tintory blanket is considered a novelty in the textile market, but it has already earned the recognition of consumers and is considered elite.

      Linen Blankets Benefits

      The advantages of using blankets made of linen are numerous. Knowing them earlier, people would have long ago abandoned synthetic or cotton products, and would have thought carefully about what to give preference to. Among all other variants, linen differs in many ways:

      • hygiene;
      • temperature-regulating characteristics;
      • hygroscopicity;
      • strength;
      • easy care;
      • breathability;
      • hypoallergenic.

      Despite the fact that linen blankets seem too thin, in winter they will reliably warm everyone who does not like the cold. And in summer, a specific cool environment forms between the human body and the blanket, so it is not possible to sweat under it. Being a wonderful natural antiseptic, linen has amazing antibacterial effect, therefore, pathogenic bacteria and bed mites will never be found in bedding made of this material. Moreover, linen blankets are a reliable protection against radioactive gamma radiation, which comes from most household appliances. People suffering from allergies and asthma should definitely buy a linen blanket, because it is one of the few natural fibers that does not easily cause allergic reactions, but effectively fights them.