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      Tintory bedding set collection brings a classic and timeless style to your bedroom with its warm and laconic color palette. 100% natural and harmonious piece of textile expresses timeless elegance and delicacy. It is the best choice to refresh the room. A wide range of duvet covers, fitted sheets and pillowcases make a perfect match even if you decide to choose different shades.

      What distinguishes natural linen bedding sets?

      The superiority in wear resistance belongs to bedding sets made of linen. The fiber can withstand up to 200 washes. Just keep in mind that after the first hot wash, linen may shrink, and it is recommended to iron it in a wet state. The longer you use it, the softer and more pleasant to touch it becomes. The natural, noble graish color is absolutely agreeable with any shade and what is more the colors on linen practically do not fade. This fabric belongs to hypoallergenic materials.

      Linen Bedding Sets Benefits Linen

      in the bedroom is as relevant today as in the past centuries. A lot is known about its benefits. Let’s start with the fact that natural fibers are eco-friendly. They do not cause allergies and prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms.

      A linen bedding set is ideal for sensitive skin, as it has hypoallergenic characteristics. It provides a comfortable and healthy sleep at any time of the year and has a positive effect on well-being. It maintains optimal body temperature, has high breathability, allows the skin to breathe during the rest and increases its quality.

      It is easy to take care of, it does not crumple, and always has an attractive look.