Linen was well-known several decades ago and today is experiencing its rise in popularity. This fabric is distinguished by numerous unique qualities that are so valuable and important in the manufacture of towels. Linen towels for the bathroom are pleasant to use and can be a perfect addition to almost any interior. Since the material is natural, it is environmentally-friendly and absolutely safe. That is why linen fabrics for towels are one of the best choices. Linen towels are perfect for bath, sauna, gym, pool or beach. A variety of sizes and colors will allow you to choose the needed one. 

      What distinguishes natural linen bath towels?

      Linen towels of high quality have a distinctive structure, due to which the skin is easily massaged when drying after a shower or bath. And it is not only about pleasant feeling on the skin it is also about absolute absorbency, optimal and rapid drying of the body.

      A linen bath towel is a simple representative of elegance in the bathroom. In addition to functional requirements, this towel made of 100% organic linen also meets aesthetic requirements. Your bathroom will immediately look stylish and can be perfectly integrated into any bathroom decor without disturbing the whole picture.

      Linen Bath Towels Benefits

      Tintory linen bath towels are tear-resistant and will serve faithfully for decades. It sets the tone of the room being used in such popular design trends as Provence. Linen towels are easy to wash and easy to remove stains from it. The already mentioned antibacterial effect of natural fabric becomes even more relevant in the context of bath towels. An interesting fact is that with constant use, the product only improve its characteristics, becoming much softer. The linen fiber is smooth and does not trap much air – so linen towels are free of lint, almost antistatic and naturally dirt-repellent.