Linen In The Modern Interior

Having studied popular trends in the design world, Tintory came to the conclusion that modern   interiors are still built around human comfort and health. Projects and exhibitions actively demonstrate novelties that facilitate everyday life, as well as colors that help to tune in to an optimistic mood. Natural textiles like linen perfectly fits into the Scandinavian style of the interior, very fashionable now Rustic and, of course, eco-style. Thin bleached or dyed, it is appropriate everywhere and if you are interested in decorating your house with linen we are ready to provide you with the bonus tips on how to take care of linen in the end of the article.  

The high-quality materials used by designers in the creation of an eco-friendly interior are obliged to form a harmonious appearance of the whole house, while at the same time becoming the key to creating comfortable, bright, unpretentious housing. And linen is a great choice, because, thanks to its unique characteristics, it will perfectly cope with the task. 

Linen in Interior Benefits 

First of all, we pay attention to the fact that linen textiles have hypoallergenic characteristics and can be used in almost any zone. By letting in air, the linen material allows the house to breathe, as well as its owners, so the house will always be the way the tenants want it to be. 

Excellent thermoregulatory characteristics allow us to consider a linen bed a universal option that will be equally good on hot summer nights and on frosty winter nights. This is because the linen fabric adjusts to the ambient temperature, maintaining an optimal body temperature.

Design Variations with Linen


Linen is often used for interior decoration. It fits into almost any interior, linen products will be useful in every room: in the bedroom, living room, nursery, and even in the kitchen. Depending on the type of flax processing, the fabric can be either hard, or soft, almost weightless and thin. Playing on contrasts, using, for example, coarse linen fabric in light, even airy interiors, you can achieve very interesting results. The interior looks richer, more luxurious, more expensive with linen fabrics. 

In addition to the usual gray linen, you can use colored. Here the scope of its application can be limited only by the designer's imagination. Colored linen fabrics will fit into almost any interior, and, interestingly, they will be equally good in summer and winter. 

The simplest but at the same time the most spectacular product is curtains. They will turn out light, will give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. And imagine how they will flutter from the summer breeze that burst into the room through the open window! 

Pillows made of multicolored linen will create a joyful mood, and comfort blankets on a bed, sofa or armchair will pleasantly cool the skin in the summer heat. Linen fabric is a real salvation for the kitchen! Since flax is very resistant to contamination, it will serve as a good basis for a tablecloth on the dining table. You can complement the tablecloth with an elegant towel  made of finely tanned linen fabric, with an embroidered pattern along the edge. And the same napkins can be used to decorate the shelves. 

Secrets on the Use of Linen 

The main advantage of this 100% organic fiber is its elegant simplicity. Do not overload linen curtains with ribbons and folds, choose bedspreads, pillowcases with a minimum of decorative details. Woven natural cords, embroidery to match, fine drawing will ecome the best companions of linen. 

Linen products must be carefully ironed if you want them to look neat. Flax is prone to the formation of wrinkles, and they, unfortunately, noticeably spoil the impression of even the most expensive linen textiles. 

Linen fabrics, thanks to their unique grayish-yellow color, look fresh and natural in the interior. And the strength, natural composition and wide decorative possibilities of coloring allow you to find the use of flax in any home. Linen textiles look especially appropriate in a cozy and comfortable Scandinavian interior, using mainly pastel colors.