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      In modern world of talented children every parent wants to combine progress and pleasure. Our team honors family traditions and deeply respects each of our clients. The products that we perform are eco-friendly and absolutely safe. What is more, our wooden toys for kids are not only fun but useful. Balance board is not called balance for nothing. It is a real exercise equipment that can be used not only for children but for adults as well. If you like having fun with your family this toy is definitely worth your attention.

      Eco Balance Board for kids

      Balance is an important basic skill for the body and brain. The interaction between the right and left hemispheres of the brain allows you to develop memory and apply new knowledge. Stability and coordination exercises allow children to keep their posture, feel their body and pump the muscles of their legs and back. What is more, the ability to keep balance is the basis for many sports. Playing with balance board can help you to direct your child in future.

      Сuriosity and movement are a natural force that is inherent in every kid. It is difficult for children to stand still, so they need active games. The children try to express themselves and their abilities. A laconic eco toy allows a child to develop and explore the world at his own pace. No difficulty levels. Only freedom.

      The product is represented in two possible sizes for the most comfortable play and use.