Tips on how to take care of linen

Natural linen is a fabric of the highest quality, known for its strength and exceptional durability. However, it is important to know not only how to wash, but also how to dry flax properly.

It's no secret that hand washing and drying outdoors is the best and safest way to preserve the quality of laundry. However, looking ahead, we will inform you that things made of linen fabric can still be dried in the dryer, but care must be taken! In order to preserve all its advantages, it is necessary to follow simple care recommendations:



Linen textiles like hand washing in warm water, without the use of aggressive detergents. Of course, linen can be washed in the machine, but only using a delicate mode and the correct water temperature (30° - 40°). Too hot water can lead to loss of brightness and excessive shrinkage of the laundry.


As mentioned earlier, flax is a very strong material, but it is made of natural fibers that shrink under the influence of hot water and air. Because of these subtleties, drying in a washing machine is not recommended in the care of linen fabrics!

The best and safest way to dry flax, whether it's bedding, clothes or curtains, is natural drying outdoors or in a well—ventilated room. It is enough to spread out the laundry on a flat surface or hang it on a rope, and you will definitely prevent unexpected shrinkage and excessively crumpled appearance.

However, if you are used to drying things in a dryer, you can make no exceptions for some linen fabrics (more often softened). This can be determined based on the recommendations for care from the fabric manufacturer. However, make sure that you set the minimum possible temperature (no higher than 45°). And try to get the linen out of the dryer while it's still slightly damp. This way you will reduce the likelihood of shrinkage and simplify ironing!

A few additional tips on how to dry flax properly:

  • Wash and dry bulky linen items, such as curtains, bed linen and table linen, separately so that they can move freely in the drum.
  • After hand washing, do not unscrew the products and do not roll them into a bundle, so as not to create too clear folds and not contribute to the deformation of the fabric.
  • It is not necessary to dry flax in the scorching sun, as ultraviolet light contributes to the compression of fabric fibers.
  • Do not dry laundry on heating appliances, because under the influence of hot air masses, flax can lose its attractive appearance.
  • With natural drying, it is better to abandon the use of clothespins, since they leave creases on the fabric that are difficult to iron.
  • And most importantly. If you don't know how to take care of linen yet, choose dry cleaning services for the first time. Eliminate any risks of damaging your favorite things, and gain experience to properly care for linen textiles while maintaining its quality.