Paying special attention to environmental problems, as well as the understanding how much the environment impact on human health, was the reason to look on "production – consumption – disposal" chain from a different angle. The trend of environmental awareness quickly became popular and developed into a separate eco-friendly path. But some manufacturers are actively using the new agenda exclusively for marketing purposes.

Let’s be honest and eco-friendly from start to finish as we believe it is not enough only to choose the eco-goods but also think about how to utilize them. Tintory values the planet’s needs and strictly monitor the proces of manufacturing to be environmentally friendly. We insist on using non toxic and cruelty free products for making the end result of our wares. Being 100% organic linen took the first place long ago but was unreasonably forgotten. Now is time for linen as it is absolutely natural and can be reused with no harm for nature. You can give your linen a second life at home using it for cleaning or be sure that it won’t take long for it to be completely decomposed in the ground.

Linen fabric, with all its modern diversity, remains a classic natural material with valuable properties. These products are famous for their wear resistance and are often passed down in the family from generation to generation.

Tintory textile products are made from eco-friendly linen, which requires less water, chemicals, and energy to grow. 100% of all our products are recycled, made from recycled materials, or both points are met. The main principle of our company is the strategy of sustainable development.