Linen Tablecloths in the Dining Room Decor

The presence of a large variety of modern materials is unable to overshadow the beauty and practical characteristics of classic fabrics – linen tablecloths are still popular. And how many products have passed from generation to generation, while maintaining the appearance! Of course, modern copies surpass their predecessors with their impeccable look, the presence of embroidery and other decorations. However, the useful qualities remain at the highest level.

Linen fabric is distinguished by a long list of unique qualities that are so valuable and important in the manufacture of tablecloths. Since the material is natural, it is environmentally friendly, then using it in direct contact with food is absolutely safe. That is why linen fabrics for tablecloths are one of the best choices in the manufacturing of products of this kind.

Why you should pay attention to linen tablecloths

You can literally make up legends about linen tablecloths for the dining room, they are so good. Their advantages are more than obvious, especially if you have ever used a linen tablecloths in your dining room.

  • Wear resistance – these qualities are the most significant for linen. If you dream of finding a material that will serve you faithfully for several years (and maybe decades) in a row, then it is certainly flax. Linen tablecloths are incredibly wear-resistant due to the material, they are able to survive even in a rather aggressive kitchen environment.
  • Ease of care – linen tablecloths are peculiar in their care, but unpretentious in general. To take care of them, it is necessary to follow certain rules, which we will tell you about a little later, but at the same time linen tablecloths can be subjected to a lot of different actions – washing at high temperatures, bleaching and other merciless procedures.
  • Aesthetic appearance – modern designers from all over the world are increasingly using linen as the main material for creating a basic interior. Most often flax appears on the tables of the dining room. That is why the use of linen tablecloths is a real and fashionable trend. The material itself has an unusual texture and natural color, it can be used to create a variety of styles in the interior – from Provence to Rustic.
  • Antiseptic – linen tablecloths have an antibacterial effect, which is very important for the kitchen space.

Linen tablecloths care

Since the dining room is a space with an increased tendency to stain then the choice of tablecloths should be competent and practical. In general, it is not difficult to take care of linen tablecloths, with regular and proper care, your tablecloths will only get better over time. This is a paradox, but it is flax that can improve over time, like good wine. With prolonged use of linen tablecloths, the products become softer, more pleasant to the touch.

So, in order to achieve such an effect, the following rules should be followed:

  • You can wash linen tablecloths both in the washing machine and by hand washing. For washing in the washing machine, you should choose a delicate mode and a temperature of up to 40 degrees.
  • It is not necessary to wring out linen tablecloths at all – when washing in a washing machine, you should either turn off this cycle altogether. When hand washing, you should not unscrew the products – slightly squeeze the tablecloths from the water and hang them to drain.
  • Linen tablecloths should be dried in the fresh air, but if this is not possible, then heating devices will also work. Before hanging linen tablecloths to dry, first spread them out well and shake them. Thus, you will avoid the formation of a large number of folds after drying.
  • Linen tablecloths should be ironed at a temperature no higher than two hundred degrees, the use of a steamer will also be effective. After ironing, lay out the products on a flat horizontal surface, giving them the opportunity to rest a little, then fold the tablecloths and put them in the closet for storage.

Linen tablecloths for interior design

It is not difficult to purchase a set of linen tablecloths, it is much more difficult to fit this element into the space. At this point, a personal designer should wake up in you.

Flax as a material looks great in an ensemble with other natural materials. Linen tablecloths can successfully become one of the attention-grabbing decorative elements.

So, what can linen towels be combined with in the dining room?

  • Curtains - linen tablecloths, echoing the curtains, will be an excellent choice for the dining room's space. Linen curtains will protect the room from the penetration of too much sunlight, interestingly refracting the rays.
  • Furniture items - if you have a sofa or chairs in your dining room, then it is not difficult to cover them with linen fabric, but quite impressive. In addition, you can buy pillowcases for decorative pillows and place them in the kitchen space.
  • Lampshade - it is possible to cover lighting objects with linen lampshades to create a competent combination of overlapping materials.

If you are looking for a material for tablecloths, then without any doubt give preference to such a material as linen. This 100% organic fabric is truly versatile and has a lot of valuable qualities that absolutely every housewife is able to appreciate.