Linen Benefits or why linen

People today are smarter and wiser, they respect their health and are becoming more demanding of their comfort and everything that surrounds them. It is not a secret that we spend third of our life sleeping. Quality sleep is very important for wellbeing and clear mind. Both night and daytime sleep allows the human body to recover and regenerate, and according to some researchers even strengthens the immune system. A healthy sleep depends on various factors. The main components of it are a quiet and calm environment, the absence of irritants, properly selected furniture and, of course, one of them relates to the proper choice of high-quality bed linen. Natural fabrics such as silk, linen and bamboo are excellent for bedding sets. But linen is gaining its popularity today for being cozy and stylish, and what is more 100% natural and eco-friendly.

History of Linen

It is believed that the linen fabric first appeared in India. The first mention of bed linen appeared only at the beginning of the XV century in ancient Rome. Linen fabric with beautiful prints of fruits, flowers and cupids was supplied from Egypt to Italy. Rich Romans made their beds with it, because they believed that it brought strength to their beloved.

This custom came to Europe much later, during the Renaissance, but, of course, only rich people could afford to lay expensive fabric on a bed. Later, in the era of rococo and baroque, the fashion to decorate bed linen with lace and embroidery appeared.

The beneficial effect of fibers on human health has been established long ago. Since then, centuries have passed, and linen continues to impress. It conceal a special warmth, the ability to create comfort in any interior. Linen fabrics are used for making clothes, bedding, curtains, tablecloths. The beneficial effect of flax fibers on human health has been also established.

Linen Beneficial Effect

Since linen fabric is made from natural plant material, it has a number of benefits that differs it from others:

  • First of all, it is a fairly long lasting fabric.
  • Monochrome fabric does not fade even with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Air easily passes through it.
  • Linen keeps warm and cools at the same time depending on the weather.
  • Due to the fact that the microstructure of the fiber is presented in the form of the thinnest tubes, moisture is easily absorbed and evaporates from the fabric.
  • Static electricity does not accumulate on the surface of the canvas. This reduces the attraction of dust particles to the fabric.
  • Scientists have determined that linen fabric is able to detect the radiation of household appliances. This is relevant for those whose work is constantly connected with the computer. This also applies to microwave ovens in the kitchen. Linen tablecloths will help to neutralize the negative impact on the human body.
  • Microorganisms almost do not persist on the surface of linen fabrics, because they do not find favorable conditions for themselves. Natural antiseptics contribute to the rapid destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. It has long been noticed that if a linen bandage is applied to the wound, healing goes an order of magnitude faster.

Some believe that contact with linen fabrics makes it possible to find peace of mind. It seems that linen absorbs the negative, leaving room for positive emotions.

Choosing a Bedding Set

It is already mentioned that on the way to satisfactory psychological and physical health, proper sleep is an important factor. The fact that bed linen affects the nature and quality of sleep has a scientific basis. Famous color therapy gurus claim that sleep is affected not only by the material from which the bedding set is made, but also by its color, and even the presence of a print. When looking for a bed, it is best to give preference to natural fabrics, such as linen. Home textiles from Tintory are distinguished by reliability and quality: they do not fade even after many washes, drawings are not wiped or smeared. You can find eveything from pillowcases to bedding sets on our online shop. The colors of the products are also available for every taste, there is an assortment of black and white minimalism and bright, colorful sets.